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We had a fabulous, enchanting visit with KiKI and friends at Borio Blanco in June. Borio Blanco allowed us to step into a world where we could fully focus on the moment with each moment being a delight: delights of scrumptious food, magical wine, stunning scenery, and beautiful human connections within the local community. Kiki, our host extraordinaire, was warm and welcoming all the while paying attention to every detail. We were able to truly relax and experience each lovely moment of this soulful, laugh-filled journey. We will definitely return to our new country "home" Borio Blanco.

Merry Mattson, Minnesota


This is a journey like no other -- into the world of artisans, picturesque medieval villages and undulating patchwork fields. Kiki's connection with the people and the history brings the distant past to the present moment. Our time was beautifully balanced between personal artisan tours, village strolls and forays to local markets. After our extraordinary excursions, we would return to Borio Blanco -- a 17th century country manor overlooking the French countryside -- where we found sanctuary. A glimpse into the soul of the French artisan opens a window of inner self-reflection, where we can find the artist in all of us.  

I would return again in a heart beat, and highly recommend this transformative cultural, gastronomic adventure to everyone!  

Claire Thometz St Paul, Minnesota


“Spending time with Kiki at Borio Blanco is like spending time with a long lost friend in a long lost world.    Her superb hospitality, personal knowledge of the countryside, and passion for the life-style she encourages is extraordinary in every way.  Be prepared for your sensibilities to be challenged and your tastebuds to be happier than ever imagined!!”

Louise Chalfant, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Kiki was the BEST!  She shared Borio Blanco and the south of France with us.   She set up an itinerary based on our interests that exceeded all expectations.  We toured a master cheese maker, an organic winery, a master patisserie, shopped local artisans and ate wonderful food. We came back to Borio Blanco to rest or take walks, sit by the fire, sip wine outside while soaking up the beautiful scenery.  Kiki shared her knowledge, her home, her friends, her love of the land.  The whole trip was truly magical!”

Jackie Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sitting on a hilltop under a tree heavy with ripe figs, gazing at miles of sunflowers, ruminating on the faint evidence of Roman roads embedded in the landscape is one of those memories you carry with you forever. I had many such moments staying at Borio Blanco for a glorious week in July. The treats came every day in the form of delicious peaches bought by the crate at the village market and devoured by sunset, firm goats cheese spread on nutty local bread at lunch, and visits to Medieval hilltop villages and towns bustling with life––new things to discover at every turn. Each early morning brought quiet and contemplation, watching the rising sun and sipping fresh brewed coffee, doing yoga on the lawn, walking down country lanes to the little stone church, or up to the village to buy sinful pastries. Nights sitting at the long family table under the stars, laughing, savoring local produce, sipping earthy wines - heaven. 

Melissa Shaw-Smith, Warwick, New York.


"I first visited Borio Blanco at a time in my life when I was experiencing grief which was raw and all-consuming. I had hired a car at the nearest airport and I was driving along the country road towards my destination, the sun at its zenith, breathing in the sweet smells of French summertime. The only other living creatures I met were a family of ducks, the mother scurrying across the road with her ducklings close behind her. 

Suddenly I turned a corner and there it was - a beautiful manor house set back from the road in acres of rolling countryside - a retreat for the mind, soul and body. There, in the few days I spent in the company of the charming host and hostess, I found solace in the nourishment I received from the surrounding nature, the quiet stillness and the gentle breezes coming in from across the Pyrenees. The house is beautifully furnished and offers comfort and safety, day and night. Small enough to be homey, yet large enough to offer all the personal space and privacy one would require. 

When I ventured beyond the confines of Borio Blanco to visit local markets and quaint villages, I was met by friendly inhabitants who were proud to share with me the produce they harvested off the land, or the goods they crafted with their own hands.  

My stay at Borio Blanco was a pure delight for each of my senses and brought me the repose and calm reassurance I needed to continue on the journey of life…."

Andrea da Silva

Belfast, Northern Ireland


I was gifted with a trip to Borio Blanco several years ago. I am 60 years old and it remains the most profoundly beautiful place I have visited. It felt like I'd been taken back in time and could not help but relax into the comfort, beauty, and Kiki’s generous hospitality.

Forever Grateful,

Paula Knight

Florida, USA


I have stayed several times at Borio Blanco. The experience is highly unusual. Kiki Rosner's father was a war hero in WW II and the family is beloved in the area remembering his heroism in the underground. Kiki took me to the farmer where she buys eggs; we went to the Master patissier who makes the most magical patisseries; we visit the local once-a-week market where boisterous farmers sell fruits, vegetables, cheese, spices. Borio Blanco itself is set amongst rolling fields of sunflowers. I, a hyperactive New Yorker, found myself preferring to stay put and read a book or stare at the breadth of the landscape. In addition Kiki is perhaps the best cook I know. Meals are made with natural local ingredients and memorable. What else is there to say....  exquisite in all!!!!

Gena Raps

New York City, NY


Borio Blanco is truly a magical place!  The home, the land and the countryside conjure a feeling of love and passion like no other place we have seen.  As lovers of History, Art and Literature, we felt as if we were experiencing a living novel.  The people, the towns, the surrounding region and the kind and loving stewards of this home will allow you to fully relax and take in the beauty of this rich and beloved land.  We connected to the land, rested and delved into the creative and expressive parts of our selves.  Kiki is an incredible cook; the food tasted like the land felt.  

We cannot wait to return to this sacred sanctuary.  We encourage anyone who reads this to gift themselves the experience of exploring Borio Blanco.

Christina and Ignacio Cytrynowicz

Warwick, NY


Borio Blanco is an ideal place for an individual or group to live in beauty and comfort in a region of great pastoral charm and interest. This rustic villa (and its companion outbuilding containing a large airy space for workshops, meetings and events) is privately situated in the midst of gorgeous views. It hosted a group of us for a week in 2014, one summer we will long remember. We recommend it to others with great enthusiasm.

Fredrick Buell

Warwick, NY


Arriving at Borio Blanco is taking a step into authenticity. From the winding tree-lined route, bathed in sunlight and shade of early evening, into the leafy hedge-rowed driveway, and through the welcoming and ancient doors of the turreted manor, the experience of Borio Blanco is a continuum of new and life changing moments.

The views afforded by its hilltop location bear no comparison. Fields of sunflowers, wheat or other produce grace the landscape and the eye's gaze is of green fields uninterrupted as far as the soft blue horizon. Whether sitting in loungers on the extensive lawn, or relaxing in the cosy interior, one drinks in the restorative sensorial elements of the place from the sounds of birdsong, crickets or the gentle breeze through the trees, to the scent of lavender, pine and cut grass.

These natural mood-changing elements are enhanced by the tastes that the locally grown organic produce bring to the cuisine of the region and particularly Borio Blanco's own kitchen. You'll taste some of the best garlic, devour the most delicious sausisson, and savor some of the most characterful and alive wines you've ever had in your life.

Finally, visiting the area around the manor and further afield one is steeped in history from the early medieval times right through to the Second World War. Ancient walled towns on cliff tops, with sinuous cobbled streets lined with authentic local crafts and artists workshops, family vineyards handed down from parent to child over generations, landmarks and monuments all contribute to an all encompassing voyage towards our deepest roots. All one needs is the time to be there because everything else is in place.

Damian Corcoran

Paris, France


One thing is for certain at Borio Blanco, and that is a guarantee that rain-or-shine your soul, humanity and natural ambiance will be restored, your gut will be filled and your energy levels will be boosted. I could not recommend this enough. What a truly wonderful experience. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality, Kiki. And thank you, Borio Blanco, for all of your character, charm and quietude.

Edward Durgan

Davos, Switzerland


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