The French Experience

Borio Blanco welcomes you to the French experience. This is not touristic, glamorous France, rather profoundly cultural France; the history, the markets, the artisanal excellence, medieval strongholds, accompanied by bountiful quiet and heartening home cooking.

The French Experience at Borio Blanco is about taking pause, allowing the moment to delve into you. These are 4 days and 5 nights of deep restoration, renewal and rest, where we will take the time to feel the land under our feet, walk old pathways, visit authentic artisans who follow their calling and live simply yet passionately.

The French experience at Borio Blanco includes 3 meals a day, aperitifs, wine, the visits to masters at work, as well as tastings and some seasonal participation, a local market and fortified medieval villages. You will walk the ancient footpaths used for centuries by people of the land to get to their daily destinations and back. 

Come with an open heart and mind, trust you’ll have a unique and authentic experience of France, as lived from the inside.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

— Rumi