The House

Located on a hill, surrounded by a vista of endless fields, and multi centennial evergreen oaks, Borio Blanco built in 1630, is a singular residence, as rich in history as the landscape itself. From one side it looks like a castle, from another it is a fortress, it is also the house of a 17th century Master Farmer; it is glorious, yet humble. This mixture makes it veritably unique and a vortex of deep calm and serenity.

The shared rooms are spacious with high ceilings, meter thick walls and large windows that allow abundant light. The decor is authentic to old French country living.

The Host

Kiki was born in NYC and grew up in France. Her student years were spent across Europe (Paris, Leiden, and Berlin). She speaks 5 languages fluently. She is a Cambridge certified ESL teacher and has a vast experience in teaching. She is an amazing cook, a master knitter and a 3d degree Black Belt in traditional taekwondo which she pursues ardently. She and her husband Yaron have raised 2 beautiful daughters in the Hudson Valley where they have worked as artisans for the past 20 years.  Kiki writes poetry that can be viewed on her blog.